The Castle will be closed during the morning of 17th July for essential maintenance activity, we hope to be open by the afternoon. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Dunnottar Castle Green Tourism Gold Award

Green Tourism

An important part of our staff's role at Dunnottar Castle is to manage the unique and sensitive environment we work in.

We are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and have been the proud owners of a Gold award since 2011. We continually strive to maintain and improve our standards to maintain our Gold status. This is an indicator of our long-term commitment to working in a sustainable way.

Our Staff's Green Role

Whatever our role at Dunnottar Castle, we are all essential for its protection and preservation so that future visitors can continue to enjoy this unique location.

Our Green role includes: -

  • Following guidelines and procedures
  • Preservation and protection of all structures within the Castle
  • Educating visitors and providing information on green matters
  • Protection of fauna, flora and all wildlife around the Castle
  • Limiting the amount of daily waste and disposing of it in a responsible way
  • Promoting the local Stonehaven community to visitors
  • Contributing new ideas to aid in improving our environmental impact
  • Working in a socially responsible and ethical manner

We are a small team but we can make a huge impact on our immediate environment through the actions we take every day at work.

How Can You As A Visitor Help Us?

Your visit will have an impact on the environment. There are many ways you can help us to look after Dunnottar Castle and the surrounding landscapes to ensure they are just as special for your next visit. This will also support our commitment to sustainable tourism.

  • Follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code - the code reminds us all to protect, respect and enjoy, look after plants and animals, leave gates and property as you find them, keep dogs under close control and consider other people. All the fields and land surrounding Dunnottar Castle are privately owned, please respect and support our local farmers.
  • Disposing of litter correctly - a mixture of general waste and recycling bins are provided beside the main car/coach parks. Please make correct use of the bins or take litter with you when you leave.
  • Stay local, eat local, buy local and see local - there are many excellent establishments in our local town of Stonehaven which have gained a reputation for fine food and local produce. Utilising these facilities will make a real difference to local businesses and our local community.
  • Contributing ideas - if you have a great idea as to how we can improve our sustainable tourism performance, we would love to hear from you. Please advise a member of staff or reach out to us on our social media platforms.

For further information please visit the Green Tourism website here