The Castle will be closed during the morning of 17th July for essential maintenance activity, we hope to be open by the afternoon. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Dunnottar Castle - A Great Day Out!

15 Dec 2023

A visit to Dunnottar Castle, located circa 2 km south of Stonehaven, is just the thing if you are looking for a way to spend a day involving a nice mix of light physical activity, scenic views, historical interest and some great food and drink!

Walking from Stonehaven is an ideal way to reach Dunnottar Castle while taking in the beautiful views along the coastal path. Decent footwear is highly advised as the path is rugged in parts, may get muddy in wet weather and we also recommend robust footwear for visiting Dunnottar Castle.

We would recommend arriving in Stonehaven in the morning, walk to Dunnottar Castle for a visit, grab some lunch before or after at the C&L Catering van located by the coach park, take a walk back to Stonehaven, explore the shops and have some drinks and dinner in the town.

If you are arriving by car, there is plenty of parking available around Stonehaven. Buses embark in the town centre and the train station is only a 20 minute walk from the town centre.

The easiest way to find your way to the coastal path is by making your way down to the harbour, which is well worth a visit in it's own right.

Stonehaven Harbour
Dunnottar Castle - A Great Day Out!

Follow the Shorehead road, walking past the Ship Inn and Marine Hotel until you reach Wallace Wynd. Turn right here, then take a left onto Castle Street. Follow the road up to the end, go up the steps and follow the path which leads to the left. This is the steepest part of the whole walk - you can always rest and take in the views on the way and there are benches when you reach the top where you can see the iconic view of the harbour.

Turn left at the top of the path, follow the pavement and you will see the War Memorial standing on the Black Hill overlooking Stonehaven.

Stonehaven War Memorial
Dunnottar Castle - A Great Day Out!

Follow the path up and you will find a gate on your right. You can head up to visit the War Memorial (which provides fantastic views looking over towards Dunnottar Castle as seen below) or continue to the cliff top path.

Dunnottar Castle from War Memorial
Dunnottar Castle - A Great Day Out!

The path follows the contours of the coastline and is close to some steep cliff edges so please take care.

The path will take you directly to the top of the main concrete steps which lead to Dunnottar Castle.

When you reach this point you can either:-

• Turn right and follow the driveway up to the C&L Catering van for hot and cold drinks, food and ice cream (please note that we do not sell refreshments inside Dunnottar Castle itself so it is best to take some water with you if you think you will require it).

• Turn left to reach Dunnottar Castle. You can either purchase tickets online here - Buy Tickets - or at the ticket kiosk inside the Castle.

We recommend allowing at least an hour for a visit to Dunnottar Castle but many visitors spend much longer exploring, relaxing on the benches inside or even sunbathing when the Scottish weather allows!

Dunnottar Castle from South Headland
Dunnottar Castle - A Great Day Out!

To return to Stonehaven, you can either retrace your steps along the cliff path or if you want to take a different route, go up past the C&L Catering van until you reach the road, turn right and follow the pavement. The War Memorial will be on your right along the way and you will finally converge at the point where you took the path up to the War Memorial earlier.

To round off your day, there are a wide range of pubs, cafes, food takeaways and restaurants to suit all tastes - click on the button below to find out more.