Dunnottar Castle brought back to life

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2nd May 2019

Have you ever wondered what Dunnottar Castle might have looked like in its prime?

Now is your chance – Dunnottar has been rebuilt.

Well, not really rebuilt. But a team of researchers and designers have created a detailed animation putting the missing bits of Dunnottar Castle back into place. The ruined buildings visible today date from 1300-1650 – so it’s great to see them in their prime.

The researchers began by gathering images and architectural details about Dunnottar (and six other European ruins) from the internet and books. For example, they used a drawing of the castle from around 1645 – and contemporary paintings by historian Andrew Spratt. They also referred to the sketches and floor plans of MacGibbon and Ross – the architect partnership who surveyed much of Scotland’s architectural heritage in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

By comparing these images to modern photographs of Dunnottar’s ruins, the reconstruction team were able to put the castle back together. The 14th-century Keep remains a recognisable detail of the Castle today. Here, the top is repaired and the height of the Keep can be fully appreciated.

Alongside Dunnottar you can see reconstructions of the castles of Samobor (Croatia), Menlo (France), Olsztyn (Poland), Spiš (Slovakia), and Dracula’s own Poenari Castle in Romania, as well as Château Gaillard in France.

Now you’ve seen how Dunnottar used to look, isn’t it about time you planned a visit to get a sense of how it feels?

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By Jo-Anna Bean

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