The Castle is open and we are selling tickets online only. Here is some information as to what to expect: –

The health and safety of our visitors and staff remains a top priority, therefore we have implemented new measures to help protect you. One new and important measure is the introduction of an online ticket system, tickets must be booked in advance of your visit. 

This enables us to limit the number of visitors in the Castle, minimise queuing and facilitate physical distancing.

All visitors to the Castle must book a ticket in advance. If you do not have a valid ticket, you will not be able to enter the Castle.

We hope you will come and visit us but please adhere to Scottish Government guidelines and legislation in force at the time of your visit.

To help protect you during your visit: –

  • You will receive a warm welcome at a distance.
  • Visitor capacity is monitored to facilitate physical distancing.
  • There are hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and other points within the Castle.
  • PPE will be worn by our staff.
  • There is helpful, directional signage on site, please follow this.
  • Please observe two metre physical distancing in line with Scottish Government guidelines.
  • The Castle toilet is open but please observe the one in – one out rules and the main door should be locked while using the toilet facilities. 2 cubicles are available for couples/families.
  • We advise that you wear a mask or face covering where possible.
  • Wear suitable footwear.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times.
  • Report any safety incidents or concerns to our team.
  • During extreme weather we may close in the interest of public safety.


Opening Times

When will the Castle be open?

The Castle will open every day between the hours shown at the bottom of each website page. To learn how to book a ticket, see ‘Time Slot Tickets’ below.

How long can I stay?

Tickets are currently valid for the time shown on your ticket. Entry will not be permitted after this time so please plan your journey to ensure you arrive in good time.

Will there be queues?

By creating time slots for visitors and by limiting capacity, we aim to keep queuing to a minimum.  However, on busy days, queuing may be necessary. You are asked to queue at a safe distance of two metres apart and continue to observe physical distancing guidelines once inside the Castle.

Time Slot Tickets

How do I book a time slot ticket?

Time slots are available to book online.

All visitors must select a day to visit and book a ticket in advance. Everybody visiting the Castle requires a time slot ticket including children. This enables us to manage visitor numbers in the Castle effectively. If you arrive without a ticket, or arrive outwith the last entry time, you will not be admitted.

How does the new time slot system work?

Following booking, you will receive a confirmation email. Your chosen time slot, that is your entry time into the Castle, will be displayed on your ticket(s) which will be attached to your confirmation email. You will also have a time you will be required to leave the Castle by, this will also be on your ticket.

Please note you must be at the Castle door, which is around a ten-minute walk from the Castle Car Park, within your entry time slot.

Is this time slot system temporary?

As per Government advice, it has been introduced to limit the number of visitors accessing the Castle at any given time, allowing everyone to have some space and encourage physical distancing. The system will be in place until such time as these restrictions have been lifted.

Health and Safety Measures

How will physical distancing be managed?

The Castle is spread over approximately 3.5 acres, by limiting the number of visitors at any one time we can ensure there’s lots of space for people to enjoy their visit safely.  We have also closed off some areas and introduced a one-way system in others.

We expect our visitors will help keep themselves and others safe by following the guidelines and there are signs reminding them of these. We also have staff monitoring compliance and helping people follow the rules.

First Aid

If any of our visitors sustain minor injuries during their visit, our staff will assist at a safe distance of two metres away, wearing PPE. Whilst our staff will not be able to treat minor injuries directly, they can offer first aid supplies and advice so that visitors can treat themselves.  In an emergency, staff will follow normal emergency procedures.

Toilets and other facilities

Which buildings will be open for visitors?

All of the Castle’s outdoor space is accessible along with many of the rooms.  We have closed off some smaller areas that would have made physical distancing a challenge to keep our visitors safe.

Will the toilets be open?

The toilet inside the Castle is open but please observe the one in, one out rule.  New hygiene measures are in place, with more frequent cleaning and reduced capacity for using the toilets. So, please do bear in mind there may be a queue and don’t leave it till the last minute if you need to spend a penny!

Will guided tours be available?


Will there be storage facilities for visitors?

There are no storage facilities for visitors.

Food and Drink

Are refreshments available on site?

The C&L Catering van at the car park is open between 10:00 and Castle closing times and serving its usual delicious food.  Please observe social distancing guidelines and follow the signs they have in place.

Extreme Weather/ High Winds

Please note that to ensure the safety of our visitors, the Castle can close at short notice during extreme weather.  Always check our website before you visit. If we have to close the Castle for any reason, ticket holders will be emailed as soon as practicable to advise them of the closure and will receive a refund.

What you can do to help us

Please follow these additional guidelines below: –

  • If you or anyone in your household have COVID-19 symptoms please stay at home and do not visit the Castle.
  • Stay local. We know that people want to make the most of the beautiful country that we live in, but at this stage visitors should remain within their local area. If you can, reach us by foot or bike and limit the distance you travel as much as possible. Please follow the Scottish Government guidance on travel which can be found here.
  • Plan ahead and check information on our website before you visit. Make sure you have pre-booked your time slot.
  • When you are outside for leisure, exercise or work it is still important to practice physical distancing. We ask that all visitors help us by observing physical distancing guidelines. Please maintain a two-metre distance from our staff and other visitors.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds after using the toilet facilities and use the hand sanitiser dispensers at every opportunity.
  • Please do not expect all facilities to be open immediately. Like many places, we have a phased approach to re-opening while we work to make them safe.
  • If you go somewhere within the Castle and it looks busy, it is probably too busy and you’d be best to go somewhere else until the area clears. It is crucial that we all maintain physical distancing to limit the spread of Coronavirus.
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