Behind the Scenes: Why We Had Two Archaeologists On-Site

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3rd October 2018
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2nd May 2019

If you’ve visited the Castle recently you may have noticed the works taking place on the path from the car park to the Castle and also one of the walkways inside the Castle.  If not, keep reading to find out all about it!

The path from the car park to the Castle is well used, with over 120,000 visitors entering the Castle so far this year and a further estimated 100,000 visitors coming to admire the gorgeous views.  As such, it was time to modernise the path.  This time of year is a great time to schedule these works, as the Castle is quieter and the ground is not too frozen (yet) to work on.

We opened the field next door for visitors to walk down to access the Castle, while the workers set about re-laying the path and creating a raised border.





The surface is much smoother and easier to walk on, and the raised borders protect them from becoming trampled and muddy – there are also new drains on the other side of the path running directly into the burn and down to the beach.

The walkway inside the Castle was a much bigger job and was where we required the archaeologists.  The walkway which leads immediately out of the Pends to the Bowling Green frequently suffered from flooding which resulted in it being very muddy and slippery.  The old walkway was becoming worn and could be treacherous.

So we decided to replace the walkway with a recycled composite material, which is much more durable and provides better grip for visitors.  We also decided to install a new drainage system to minimise flooding.  This involved digging – as such we had the archaeologists present in case any artefacts were found while placing the new walkway.  Unfortunately only a few pebbles carrying on from those found inside the Pends were uncovered at the entrance, sadly nothing of historical significance.

Below you can see pictures of the process, and our shiny new walkway at the end!

Old Walkway Removed

New Walkway in Place

We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into the works we do in the winter months to improve the Castle experience for next season.

Jo-Anna Bean

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