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16th June 2016
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23rd November 2016
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Pokémon Go players at Dunnottar Castle

From Team Mystic - Leo and Geena

Dunnottar Castle has become a hive of Pokémon Go activity recently. We’ve 2 Pokémon gyms and 2 Pokéstops, where players can train and claim. Rare Pokémon have been spotted on our paths, including Omanyte, Growlithe, Charmander and Mankey. So, if you’re a Pokémon Go fan, or are looking for a way to get the kids out of the house, do come visit us!


Before you charge your phone and come to the castle though, here are some hints and tips to help you get the most out of your Pokémon adventure…

1. Stay safe and alert
Our first priority is your safety. Please, please, please keep out of restricted areas and watch your footing. Not even the rarest Pokémon is worth an injury.

2. Stay hydrated and fuelled
A selection of hot/ cold food and drinks are available to buy from the castle’s food fan next to the car park. Vegetarian options are available along with kids portions.

3. Mobile signal
When the Picts started building the castle way back in 400AD, they didn’t install mobile phone masts *tsk*. Mobile phone signals aren’t strong at the castle, so to avoid frustration, we recommend loading your Pokémon Go app at the car park, before coming down to the castle.


For those not in the know, Pokémon Go is a game for smartphones and tablets which combines our real world with the virtual world of Pokémon (animated creatures). The aim of the game – you “gotta catch em all”

Pokémon = pocket monster(s)
Pokéstop = location where useful items can be collected
Pokéball = an item thrown to capture Pokémon
Gym = location where Pokémon battle each other for fun and rewards


Charmander at Waterton's Lodging

A Charmander at Waterton’s Lodging


One of the Dunnottar Castle Gym's

One of the Dunnottar Castle Gym’s


An Eevee at Benholm's Lodging

An Eevee at Benholm’s Lodging


Dunnottar Castle Pokéstop at the Stables

The Dunnottar Castle Pokéstop at the Stables


One of the Dunnottar Castle Gym's and Pokéstop's

One of the Dunnottar Castle Gym’s and Pokéstop’s


Cubone at the Quadrangle

A Cubone at the Quadrangle